Eat More Vegetables and Fruit

Eat more vegetables and fruit – my tips for everyday (sports) life.

As a health food lover, I eat fresh raw food every day. You’d also like to eat more vegetables and fruit, but it’s hard for you? Then take a look at the following practical tips, which will tell you how to integrate more of them into your daily (sports) diet.

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I can’t tell you exactly how much vegetables and fruit you should eat. But I want to share with you what works for me every day, like in my articles about healthy food in (sports) everyday life and about drinking more water. What has proven itself and what I feel comfortable with. Maybe you can take something with you for yourself, your body and your life.

Why I pay so much attention to regularly eating enough raw vegetables or carefully cooked vegetables or fruits is quite simple.

It gives me noticeably more energy.

Even though I like to eat raw vegetables best, I love cooked vegetables from time to time. Then gently cooked and always with pleasure firm to the bite. In any case, there is always something fresh with it. I can’t do without it in terms of taste and body. I can feel how my body can digest cooked food much better if it is accompanied by some raw food.

If you are not used to eating raw food or cooked vegetables daily and regularly, I would slowly approach you. Listen to your body, what it likes, what it gets, when something is good for it. For example, I know from myself that I don’t tolerate all kinds of vegetables and fruits equally well. So all kinds of melons are always difficult to eat with a meal. As a snack between meals, however, they are very tasty and digestible. It is also important for me that I eat raw food directly with a meal or give my body enough time to digest it before I reach for my knife and fork again.

The tips I have put together here to integrate more green stuff into my everyday life work very well for me. I like to try it out for myself. Of course I’m always very happy about feedback or your own experiences about eating more vegetables and fruit.

Create a colorful, diverse stock

Without having vegetables and fruit ready, this will probably not happen with the regular raw food. So:

Buy accordingly and put everything that can be stored without refrigerator visibly down.

I have a large kitchen table that is always full of fresh food. They all want to be eaten! This works just as well as tip #2 to drink more water.

In this context I have to mention that boredom is the best friend if you want to get rid of food and vegetables and fruit. So do it colorfully. For example, shop at different markets. Choose different colors and shapes. Try something new, too. Something you might not eat otherwise. Raw kale, for example.

Eat a handful of fresh fruit and/or vegetables with every meal.
Dessert is important. Nothing works for me without it. Gladly also as a starter.

That’s why I always have a handful of fruit and/or vegetables with every meal.

The vegetables as a salad or to nibble at the front or in addition. The fruit just as gladly before as after.


There he is again. Yes.

The smoothie is a true all-rounder! Dispenser of liquid and a lot of raw food.

For this reason alone, I usually let the day go on with it, after I started my strange morning drink with the Amazon gut cleansing powder* and some time later with my Matcha latte.

But in order not to slurp away all the calories instead of eating myself full, I try to integrate a lot of green stuff and little fruit into a smoothie. I prefer to leave out the bananas that many people love. They’re not that popular with me anyway. Instead I give half an apple or half an orange to two hands full of vegetables like broccoli, spinach, zucchini, lettuce, beetroot, carrots… You can’t eat greenery & Co. raw any faster for a pleasantly sweet fruity taste. Of course you can find my favourite smoothie on my page: kale orange smoothie.

The other day even grandma and mummy told me that you can drink it. Well?

If you like it a bit more hearty for breakfast or as a snack in between, you can turn a smoothie into a smoothie bowl. Just like I did with some Buah fruits**, cocoa nibs and oatmeal.

For all those who think that this would always be much too expensive: a pizza takes longer in the oven! Especially if you prepare it yourself. But that brings me to point 4.

Always in there

No matter what you prepare, let vegetables be a part of it. Pizza, pasta,… everything can taste even tastier with vegetables. Without any ifs or buts, think about what could go with your meal and prepare it right away.

Slowly expand your menu by trying out new combinations.

Nibbles & Snacks

I already know that fruit and vegetables cannot replace pizza, chocolate and chips.

BUT it can be a great little treat in between.

After the training a few vegetable/apple strips with peanut butter is not only rich, but also brings raw food back into the game. An apple is always something I have in my yoga, training and work bag.



Sorry, but then you haven’t eaten my salads!

Believe me, at least once a day I’ve had it for decades and the food still doesn’t get out of my throat. Vary, what the stuff holds! It’s that simple. There’s probably no better way to eat a big pasta plate or a bowl full of vegetables all at once than with a smoothie. By the way, salads that combine vegetables and fruit are at the top of my hit list. Have a look at my last salad recipe.

On bread with it

You’re a member of the Bread Group? I almost never, if then my own without wheat, instead with almond flour or from seeds & Co. The flaxseed crackers are similar to crispbread. Have you already discovered the recipe?

In any case, a slice of bread can be covered with fruit or vegetables.

How about a banana slice? Reminds me of my childhood. Radish sprinkled with salt and chives – also a delicious childhood memory.

Dressings & Sauces

Here’s a little trick.

In dressings and sauces you can “hide” raw vegetables very well.

For example, I love pesto for salads, as a lukewarm sauce, as a dip,… Spicy herbs can be just as much a part of it as a courgette, some tomatoes, rocket,… A Tahini dressing with lemon juice also tolerates a good dash of herbs. Savoy cabbage and kale can be used to make sauces such as dressings. It’s all just a question of creativity and the desire to try something out.

Microgreens & Sprouts

Green seedlings and sprouts can really be used for almost any dish. When they are not very intense tasting plants like radish, rocket, radish….

These tiny plants are full of energy and must not be missed by me!

They make themselves just as good in salads as on bread, in pesto, on a pizza, in a smoothie,…

It must be delicious

The best ideas and resolutions are of no use if everything tastes like an unseasoned lump of nothing. Or if you can’t cope with a taste. And you can learn that too. In my childhood I found olives just as questionable as coriander. That’s quite different now. Radish and radish are not necessarily among my favourite vegetables, but well prepared, there’s plenty of room for them on my plate.

So prepare everything so that you really enjoy eating it!

Eating more vegetables and fruit couldn’t be easier, could it? Were there any tips that seemed familiar to you? If you have your own, of course I’m happy to read about it here.

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